Feli is a HaHaHa Production artist and songwriter. She says about herself that she is “a natural satellite of music” and she could not imagine a better way to express herself except music.

Throughout the years, the artist flirted with all kinds of music genres, starting with pop-rock as a teenager, when she was both the voice and the songwriter of the band Aliens. Feli worked with Edi Schneider (Dj Phantom), and then she turned to the hip-hop sphere, where she was involved in several musical projects with Grasu XXL, Puya and Guess Who. All these experiences helped Feli define her style and realize she wanted a solo career.

In 2014, Feli joined the HaHaHa Production team and started working on her own musical project. She quickly reached the musical charts with her first single,”Cine te crezi”, released in October 2014. The song brought her first nomination for Best Romanian Act on MTV Europe Music Awards.

2015 was a great year for Feli. The artist released three songs during the HaHaHa Production #maimusic campaign: “Gelozia” (featuring Speak), “Perfect for You” (feat. Dorian) and “10 Minutes” (a moving collaboration with Smiley). The tracks were followed by a new single, “Creioane colorate”, no.1 in Romanian radio charts, and a new nomination to MTV EMA. It a great song which reminds us that every day can be a new beginning, an opportunity to discover new things, to see the world with different eyes and to say “Thank you” for everything that we received.

Any end means a new beginning, so at the beginning of 2016, Feli impressed her fans by releasing two covers for: “Constantine, Constantine” and “La Boheme”, a Spanish version which was noted even by Charles Aznavour. It was followed by a new single. It’s called simply “Va urma”, because all good things must continue.

Music is what feelings sound like. Feli is one of those special voices that manages to express in her songs the deepest human emotions and feelings. Her single – “Timpul” makes no exception.

In 2017, the artist released a remake for one of Maria Tanase’s most popular songs – “Cine iubeste si lasa” and an interesting featuring with Connect-R – “Cearta arta”. At the moment, Feli is promoting her latest single – “ACASA”.